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Visit Blanche Manor in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall for year round horseback riding adventures in Blue Ridge, Georgia! Envision the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains where you can saddle up to canter through a shady forest trail or embark into a snowy winter wonderland.

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Welcome to Blanche Manor!
My name is Peggy Blanche and after two decades of competing and training countless horses and riders to world championship titles, I was ready to break away from the stressful life of non-stop showing and traveling. My husband Bernie and I were ready to create an oasis away from our stressful lives. From the moment you arrive at Blanche Manor, LLC you will realize that we have created a haven - a place that is different from any stable you have ever visited. Our ranch has been a constant dream in process for over a decade. From the trails that we carved out of the wilderness ourselves, pastures we cleared and fenced, to the barn and yurt village my husband built with his own hands, every piece of this farm and business contains the very essence of our hopes, ideals, and future.

The offerings at Blanche Manor, LLC are formed from our collective life experiences. Our horses are selected with the same trained eye and scrutiny that I once used to select future champions. They all have kind dispositions, are well trained, and are in top physical condition. With outstanding animals, first time riders can go for a leisurely stroll or the seasoned veteran can saddle up to really put their mount through its paces. To guide you through your adventure is a staff that is second to none. They set the standard for customer satisfaction and safety. Whether you choose an adventure that is set on the trails that are an unspoiled peek into the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or a saddle gripping, barrel turning competition in our arena, Blanche Manor will exceed your expectations. Whatever your experience or expectations, we have the perfect horse for your Trail Riding excursion into the wilderness or the ideal cowpony for your City Slicker Special or Dude for a Day adventure. We just added 40 new acres of wooded trails! Come join us for an hour, a day, or a week. Please call 706-455-RIDE(7433) to book your adventure.

Blanche Manor only accepts credit cards as payment for activities. Cash can ONLY be accepted as gratuities for guides. Prices listed do not include 10% to 20% gratuity to guides.

Please be observant of our VERY STRICT 24 hour cancellation policy.


Trail Rides

We offer beautiful trails with panoramic views of Georgia, North Carolina, & Tennessee. More -->

City Slicker

Saddle up for a different ranch activity each day. The package includes an hour and ... More -->

Dude for a Day

Come spend the day with us on the ranch! Your adventure begins at 9:30 in the morning. More -->

Stay at the Ranch

Stay at Blanche Manor in a luxury lodge, quaint bunkhouse, or go "glamping" in our yurts. More -->

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